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Morphing art installation

Visualising Digital Lives


Visualising Digital Lives is a project that looks at the way in which society is attracted to and reliant upon digital technology. Typically users interact with digital content linearly, using peripheral input devices such as the keyboard and mouse to interact with their digital environment. This project seeks to reverse this interaction to produce discourse about our digital dependencies.

The project is an interactive art installation intended to be used by a single user. Over the course of a day, an application logs and forwards a user's smartphone notifications to the sculpture installation. For each notification the user receives, the sculpture begins to change shape, creating an abstract impression of the user's digital day. Doing so creates an emotional / personal bond between the user and the installation that is unique as it can only be driven by the user's persistent use of their digital environment.

This video presents 'Visualising Digital Lives' in it's intended form, it shows the abstract form in which the user's digital information be reflected.